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It all started with Chris being antsy and very anxious to get away from home and work.   I, on the other hand, wanted to just stay home.  We have so many things that needed to be taken care of!  But no, Chris was very adamant that we go away.  We went to a local travel agency on a Saturday late afternoon (30 minutes before closing, as a matter of fact) and told the agent: we’d like to go on a  beach vacation for about 6-7 days.  The agent then made suggestions and among several given to us, we chose this place: Royal Hideaway Playacar, Mexico.  As long as I have known Chris, he has never made a decision so quickly.  Frankly, I’m still amazed.  Wow. – S

We are starting this blog with our trip to Mexico.  This place is a small all-inclusive resort, discreet and very different from those megaresorts up north in Cancun. That’s our balcony on the second floor to the left.  We have our own concierge and restaurants are all a la carte.  Sue is surprising me and the staff with her poco Espanol which is bouncing back fast from her high school years.  – C


  1. More photos, por favor!

  2. It’s the age thing Sue, as one gets “up there”, it’s time to make quicker decisions….. so they say!

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