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The resort was exactly how we wanted it.  No high-rise hotel, no pool parties, just quiet enjoyment of the weather, ocean, and food.  The staff greeted us with champagne and offered us high tea when we checked-in at around 4 pm.  Supposedly, the entire resort has wi-fi and we were given a login username and password, but strangely it only worked in the evenings (at least it worked).  I never managed to get reception for my itouch, although the blackberry worked well.  Beside the infinity pool by the beach, the resort has a number of smaller dipping pools and jacuzzis by the villas.  Most were not used by the guests but the birds took advantage of them as their personal bathing pool.  Since the place is designed to offer privacy, even though it was only half full, it did not look deserted.  A band played at one of the bars in the evenings and it had only one or two tables of guests nightly.  Sadly, it is a sign of the times. I hope their business picks up during the holidays.  More pictures to come tomorrow.


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  1. loving the picture of circular rattan (?) sofas by the beach. that looks like a piece of heaven to me.

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