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A friend of mine, PK, is building this web site that serves up quotes.  Over the years, he has collected several hundreds quotes and kept them in a page on one of his blogs.  On the new site, the quotes are listed by the topics to which it lends its relevance.  Although the site is under construction, it’s worth a visit.  For example, it contains a quote, by the Sci-fi author William Gibson whose book I am reading (“Pattern Recognition” mentioned in an earlier post).  He said:

Predicting the future is mostly a matter of managing not to blink as you witness the present.

Guess who said this ?

Do or do not, there is no try.

Yoda did, in The Empire Strikes Back when he was teaching Luke how to raise his X-wing from the swamp.  Don’t know why these quotes are dangerous.

While I was writing this post, for due diligence, I poked around the quotes. Unexpectedly, I discovered that I was quoted on the topic of, guess what, – Toys.  I am flattered.   – C


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