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“Different Values” is a series of print ads created by JWT for HSBC in 2008.  They were seen at US airports, mostly inside a ramp. I love its relativistic, Rashomon-like qualities. In the examples above, they had three different images and one word, or three different words and same image; a fourth panel shows the HSBC logo and slogan.  Earlier versions did not identify the bank but show two images and two keywords, each with opposite meanings.

The ads turned heads because of its boldly-framed, focused imagery and simple text, which makes one smile.  I assume the bank wants to illustrate its sensitivity to the diverse background of potential customers.  Aimed at travelers and immigrants, one don’t need much English to understand the message.  I think people may remember the cleverness of the ad but wonder how well they will connect it with HSBC.

N.B.  This post is a perennial favorite here.  For those interested in more HSBC posters, visit these two posts on this blog: More different values of HSBC and Even more different values of HSBC.  Enjoy.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I am going to try make a few, and if they look good, I’ll post them here.  – C

Well, I gave it a go.  To see my first attempt in creating a panel, click here.


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