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Happy New Year !

Wishing You All The Best in 2010.

What Matters Now – Things to think (and do) this year. Seth Goldin asked a group of internet writers to contribute something on this timely topic.  He collected the output and made them available online in the form of a free e-book.  The e-book contains one key concept per page.  Interesting stuff.  I hope the snippets of insight associated with each concept might help people shape their new year resolutions and change something somewhere for the better in the future.

Page 42 is about “Adventure” and shares the spirit of this blog.  I particularly like the following:

Go slow; gaze absentmindedly and savor every moment.

Invest now in future memories.

Resolve to leave the screens of your virtual world momentarily behind, and indulge your senses with a real world adventure.

There are a total of 82 pages in the e-book.  Since the ideas are not in any particular order, you may want to preview the whole set or jump around by switching to tile mode (see bottom right side of window). It is also available as a free downloadable PDF here.


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