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This is Part 4 of High Line: I ♥ NY – my series on the many reasons why we love NYC.  Here are links to Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

We went to High Line on Boxing Day late afternoon.  Entering the park from its south entrance on Gansevoort Street, we walked north to the end of Section 1 near 20th Street.  As you can see, Section 2 extending northward up to the streets in the 30’s, is still under construction.  By the time we started walking back, it was dusk already and the crowd was thinning out.  I was thinking about this song by Groove Armada when selecting the pictures for this post – think of it as a soundtrack.

From a photographer’s point of view, some of the best times to take pictures, especially portraits (think Sports Illustrated swimsuit models) is in the afternoon when the sun is setting.  But it is a race against time.  Personally, I like the colors of photos taken when the indoor lights are just turned on while there is some residual natural light in the background.  This type of pictures is technically challenging and requires a fast lens, and sensitive sensor.  The following are a few of my weak attempts using a point-and-shoot:


  1. lampost w colored lights on empire state…VERY nice.

  2. Lovely.

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