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This video of Manhattan cityscape created by time-lapse photography (I presumed) is fantastic – movement of the crescent-shaped moon, pulsing street traffic, the smoke, airplanes landing and taking off, and the sunrise.  I believe the view is that of upper Manhattan and the Bronx with La Guardia Airport at the back.

But before you view the video, start this song –  Water From a Vine Leaf by William Orbit as a soundtrack (click link to open new window, click play under ezt NYC Time Lapse Video soundtrack).  After the music starts, return to this window, begin playback of the video and switch to full screen (click button in window on bottom right).

Play it several times on full screen and you will notice something new each time.  The lights in some of the buildings go on and off throughout the night.  Can you spot the darkened room with a flickering TV which stayed on until about half time (look near the middle of the screen) ?

[flickr video=]

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