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I finished reading “Pattern Recognition” by William Gibson (first published 2003) – thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended. It is less sci-fi furturistic than his early works. The story revolves around a quest to find the maker of a series of enigmatic online videos that rocked a certain corner of the cyberspace inhabited by otakus, industrial spies, and culture vultures.  The action moved from places like London to Tokyo, etc., accompanied by vivid description of each locale.  I used to frequent the Camden Town area of London where the story started.  Because the story takes place in the present, it is more accessible.
While his writing style takes some getting used to, there are lots of little gems, like his description of jet-lag (mentioned in an earlier post here), and this one about tabloid publications.

The tabloid doesn’t go down any better, seemingly composed in equal measure of shame and rage, as though some inflamed national subtext were being ritually, painfully massaged, for whatever temporary and paradoxical relief this might afford.

I am going to start on his latest book – Spook Country.


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