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Here is another anime made for LV by Takashi Murakami.  My earlier post about his anime and LV is here: Super Flat First Love.

This one shows one of TM’s cute character (a bamboo-chewing LV panda ?) swallowing a young Japanese girl whole and transporting her to a world of dancing LV monograms.  It graphically shows how LV wants to indoctrinate a whole generation of future customers.  The programming is relentless. Luxury has no physical meaning anymore, it has become carefully-packaged, manufactured symbols.

The accompanying music is by Fantastic Plastic Machine – a Japanese band that I like.  Pictures below were taken at TM’s exhibition held at the Brooklyn Museum in 2008.


If exotic sculpture is not your cup of tea, Louis Vuitton created this window-display in New York City which is based on a Solari information panel.



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