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As many of you may know, we are moving from Edgewater, NJ to Neuchâtel, CH. The movers are coming this week. Every thing is being packed for shipping. The chaos has been overwhelming.  We will be living in a hotel and out of our suitcases for about two months (until we find a new home).  The picture above is a view from our balcony which was taken around Christmas 2009.

We will be offline for about a week or so.   Do come back to check where our adventure is taking us.

You can use the Tags or Category Cloud to find related posts (links located at the bottom of the page and not under the title of the post). Here are some interesting series of posts in case you missed them:

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  1. will wait patiently for your exciting postings from Europe! (and Sue will contribute more? ) and I will definitely miss the view from your balcony and zero gravity chairs.

  2. Do you really have to go? Think about what you’re giving up: gourmet Starbuck coffee, rude people from Long Island and NJ (I guess it is redundant to specify that they are rude), Macy’s, pungent taxicab drivers, and cool gadgets that are only sold in the U.S. (like this one:

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