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Hello. Bonjour from Switzerland.

恭喜發財 Kung Hei Fat Choy !

We wish you all a Prosperous New Year of the Tiger and Happy Valentine’s Day. With the opening of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the start of O Carnaval in Rio, what a busy weekend !

We are back online.  The biggest adventure has just begun and there are many many stories to tell.  My iMac arrived by air freight and was delivered on Friday.  Finally, I can download the pictures from my camera (my SD card reader refuses to work with the company’s Dell laptop).  I hope to post several times a week. Check back regularly or look out for announcement on Facebook or twitter (@christwitx).

I am staying at a company-rented apartment in Peseux which is a small town above Neuchâtel.  It  is on the third floor with an attic and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  These are the views from my balcony and a back window.  Lake Neuchâtel can be seen faintly here in the haze.  On a clearer day, the snow-capped mountains on the other side of the lake can be seen.  The weather is like NY but generally overcast with a light dusting of snow.

Here is a map of Peseux:



  1. Can you post interior pictures?

    Looks like one of those candy cane homes…

  2. so pretty!

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