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Here are some pictures of the interiors of my temporary home – living/dining room, kitchen, a small bedroom and a finished attic with a bed, and a foyer.  The house has one of those typical European staircase.  Another tenant lives below me and the landlord (a couple with 2 dogs) occupy the ground floor with a garden and pool.  Washer is the basement.  Certainly adequate for now, quite cosy in fact. Best of all, it is free for 60 days.


  1. what does the outside look like?

  2. I love the attic! and chairs. The place looks so quintessntially European. Pictures of the landlord’s dogs too please!

  3. looks comfortably, homey, if not too antithetical to your modernist sensibilities!

  4. The attic is the type of room I always dream about. You can have a couple of coffe together and look at the moon from the top window.

  5. looks very cozy.

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