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This 360° video is taken from Bel-Air, which is kind of like the Union Square of Lausanne.

Lausanne is very hilly.  Its center sits on top of several hilltops linked my bridges.  The hilltops and the valleys in between are connected by public elevators and stairs. Several levels of parking garages and shops are built into the cliffsides.  In the video, the area below me is called Le Flon which is fairly new and feels a bit like the meatpacking district of NY or Covent Garden of London.  There is a metro stop under Le Flon.  Beneath my feet was several floors of FNAC, the french equivalent of Virgin which sells music, stereos, games, and books, etc.  Behind me was one of the main shopping street and up the hill (which cannot be seen clearly) is the old town pedestrian areas and the cathedral.  The Rue du Grand Pont (the lighted bridge) traverses Le Flon and reaches a hilltop on the other side, where the Lausanne Palace Hotel, theatres and government buildings are located.


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