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My earlier post about HSBC’s ads that appeared in airports in 2008/2009 continues to receive viewings, according to blog stats.  Apparently, someone out there is interested in them. So, here are some more ads from the same campaign, more examples of using three images and a word, or a single word and three different images, to provoke a reaction.  A link to the earlier post is here: The Different Values of HSBC.

I have added another post with more from the same series: Even more different values of HSBC.

To see my first attempt in creating a series of “same image, three words”, click here.


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  1. […] Posted in media This is the third and last batch HSBC’s ads that I have gathered.  Just more examples of the juxtaposition of three different images and one word, or three different words and same image.  The other two posts are here: The Different Values of HSBC, and More Different Values of HSBC. […]

  2. […] More Different Values of HSBC […]

  3. […] favorite here.  For those interested in more HSBC posters, visit these two posts on this blog: More different values of HSBC and Even more different values of HSBC.  […]

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