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After day one, almost everything was wrapped or packed.  The packing crew separated the stuff that was to be sent by air freight from those that was to be shipped by container.  The final count of boxes was 283 !! (can you believe it ?), of which 7 were to be flown over.  Don’t ask how we accumulated so much stuff.

Two trucks came on the second day.  The container that came to pick up our stuff was unexpectedly monstrously big.  We were told that if we wanted to take our car with us, the container can hold it.  Our 276 boxes apparently filled more than half the container.  To keep it from shifting during transit, the crew pushed the boxes to the end and installed from top to bottom several wooden bars to hold them in place.  It was a bit sad to see our possessions being moved out of the house piece by piece and leaving empty spaces behind.

I received the air shipment a month ago which included the iMac I am using to type this blog post.  The rest have also arrived by sea but are in storage somewhere in Switzerland.  We will not be reunited with them until we found a more permanent home.


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  1. A nice sunny day for a move.

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