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First, this is my 100th post.  I was going to create a special post to commemorate this surprising event – but too busy in the last few days.  Frankly, I did not expect myself to keep up with posting on the blog so semi-regularly (once every 2 or so days) and for such a long time (I started in late November 2009).  Back then, I was in Edgewater staring at NYC across the Hudson.  Now, I am in Neuchâtel looking across a lake at the Alps.

These pictures were taken at Chaumont from a tower at the top of the funicular railway.  The view was breathing taking.  Bracing the chilly swiss mountain air, we snapped as many pictures as we can bear it. They were intended to be stitched together to form one or more panoramas.  The weather on that day was cold and fairly variable with rain and sun, hence the rainbow.  The Alps were not visible due to the low rain clouds. You can see some of the snowy peaks just beneath the clouds in the second but last picture.  The lighter colored-vortex in the middle of the lake is caused by a river that flows into the lake from the left.  More pictures tomorrow.


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