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To commemorate the 100th post which occured earlier this week, here are some blog statistics:

There are a total of 101 posts, 95 comments, 15 categories, and 24 tags.  Comments in facebook don’t show up here and are not counted. The blog received a total of 2,270 views as of today.  The busiest day received 68 views on Thursday, December 3, 2009 on which day was posted Cabana or cabaña / Things In Life.  Not all views were directed to this post, however.  The chart above shows the number of views per week since we started the blog.  It looks like our blog’s popularity is on a slow decline.  I guess the blog’s novelty is wearing out among some of the readers. But I also know that I have loyal followers who re-visit the blog regularly and I sincerely thank you (you know who you are) = ).

The post view ranking below does not necessarily reflect the popularity of the post as some posts have been up longer than the others.  But it does give some indication.

You can revisit all our posts by clicking on the title.  Enjoy !

Title Views
Home page 741
The Different Values of HSBC 187
About Chris & Sue 96
Louis Vuitton / Solari di Udine 59
Bluefin tuna-1 46
Oh-Toro from 680-lb bluefin tuna 44
Temporary Home Sweet Home 34
Neuchâtel, Switzerland 34
A Bad Day 31
ETRO Relent 28
vacation food porn #1-#4 recap 28
Christmas Bash / Nor’easter 24
“gristly, slithery, slimy, squelchy, cru 23
More Different Values of HSBC 22
Our Christmas Dinner 2009 21
The Fifth Avenue of Playa del Carmen 20
Sunrise at Edgewater 20
Louis Vuitton / Super Flat First Love 19
vacation food porn #7-#11 19
Vegetables in My Kitchen 19
Adventuras de Chris y Sue 18
Moving Across The Pond 18
Airborne Food Porn: LX23 from JFK to GVA 18
First Post from Europe 17
Bluefin tuna-1-3 17
I ♥ NY: Moveable Type @ New York Times B 16
Christmas Party 2009 #1 16
La Crêperie de Grancy 16
vacation food porn #17-#21 16
Neuchâtel Food Porn: Lakeside #1-#5 15
Chinese Menu Translations 14
Diptyque ✻ 34 Boulevard Saint Germain 14
High Line: Star Architecture 14
Even More Different Values of HSBC 14
Hotel Beaulac at Neuchâtel 14
My New Camera 14
Maps: Playa del Carmen 13
Lausanne, Switzerland 13
High Line: I ♥ NY 13
Playing With Food 13
Moving Out of Edgewater 12
A Room With A View 12
under construction ! 12
Bluefin tuna-1-2 12
New Appearance for the blog ? 12
Six days at the Riviera Maya 11
High Line: Style Details 11
A Temporary Means of Transportation 11
The Resort: Royal Hideaway Playacar 11
A Most Beautiful Drive in Iceland 10
Banana Flambe – Betty Don’t Die 10
NYC food porn: Telepan #1-#5 10
Minimalist Graphics 10
Bar 13 @ NYC Part 1 10
Honmaguro Oh-Toro from Mitsuwa 10
Tunisian Takeout 9
Riviera Maya Scam #1 9
Our Old Cars: #1 9
Jet Lag / Lost In A Moment 9
Packing Up Edgewater 9
Lausanne at Night 9
High Line: Dusk, You and Me 9
Landing In Switzerland 8
Lakeside Restaurant at Hotel Beaulac 8
Traffic jam @ EWR 8
Snow Day in Edgewater 8
How Overpriced are Electronics in Europe 8
High Line: Shadows and Silouhettes 8
A History of Chocolate in Neuchâtel 7
La Coudre – Chaumont Funicular Railway 7
Hotel Deseo, Playa del Carmen 7
Swiss demographics 7
The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner 7
The Cube – one of my workspaces 7
Haute Cuisine without Mao Zedong 7
Aquarium at Hotel Beaulac: Part 2 of 4 7
I ♥ NY: Cityscape Video 7
2010: What Matters Now 7
The Geography of Bliss: Happiness Scores 6
Aquarium at Hotel Beaulac: Part 1 of 4 6
Resignation / I Don’t Like Mondays 6
Hello world! 5
Riviera Maya Scam #2 5
Cabana or cabaña / Things In Life 5
I ♥ NY: High Above Bryant Park 5
Dangerous Quotes 4
eyeCandy #1: Super Fluids 4
NYC food porn: Telepan #6-#10 4
Subscribe to Many More Excellent(?) Adve 4
WordPress beta 4
NYC Food Porn: DBGB #1-#5 4
New Theme stays ! 3
Aquarium at Hotel Beaulac: Part 3 of 4 3
Panorama at Chaumont: Part 1 3
Bar 13 @ NYC Part 2 3
Panorama at Chaumont: Part 2 3
Google’s dominance and vulnerabilities 3
High Line: Chelsea Market 2
Wild Life at the Royal Hideaway 2
vacation food porn #5 and #6 1
Louis Vuitton / Super Flat Monogram 1
Pattern Recognition recognized 1

One Comment

  1. It’s such a wonderful trip! I like the Lindt’s chocolate car, very adorable.

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  1. […] were even posted during the trip.  And we continued …  If you are curious, please visit the 100th-day index which has a list of links to those early […]

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