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While we were wandering around the center of Zürich near the main train station, Sue saw the sign of a takeout/grocery store.   YumiHana is located on Schützengasse 7 just off Bahnhofstrasse.  What a surprising discovery !

We have not had a korean meal for several months and were really elated to find this place.   It was quite busy at lunch time on a Saturaday, full of shoppers and hungry families.  We ordered yukgaejang, paejeun, and kimchi jigae, and it was authentic. Sitting at the counter, you can see how they prepared the food using ingredients which they sell in the other half of the store.   The price is almost double that of NYC but it does not matter.  I believe most of the asian restaurants here tend to serve a watered down version of the real thing.  So far, we did not have a chance to try the korean restaurants we saw in Lausanne and Geneva, because they were either closed or fully booked.

We overheard: several of the patrons were korean students studying music in Germany and came here just to get a fix on korean food.  Sue spoke to the lady owner who told us she emigrated here more than 40 years ago !   They sold fresh kimchi (not those packed in tins) from a refrigerator but we could not buy any on that day, because we have two more days in Zurich.  We will be going back soon and regularly to stock up on supplies.


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  1. OMG! It’s Korean fastfood! It looks so much like a Chinese take out joint. Glad you guys found somewhere to get Korean food.

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