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Murten (or Morat in French) is a small town on the shore of Murtensee (Lac Morat) – one of the three lakes in the area.  The other two are Lac de Neuchâtel (the largest) and Lac Biel-Bienne.  All three lakes are connected by canals and cruise boats take tourist to all of them.  Murten is in the canton of Fribourg and German is the predominant language spoken here.  One weekend we went to Murten by car, it took about 35 minutes from Peseux.  The old town is very well preserved with a castle, old city streets and a ring wall.  Like many of the medieval swiss towns, there is a massive clock tower which marks the main gate through the wall where one enters the town.

The old ring wall has been repaired and we were able to walked along the top of it, with a view of the roof tops of houses inside and the fields outside.  More old homes and a traditional hotel line the lake front.  It is very picturesque – a bit touristy but still authentic.  While we were there, the town was having a kind of antique fair with a children’s choir, and the area’s vineyards and farms were hosting a tasting on a boat and the lake front.  We bought some cakes, a big box of apple juice and got a free bottle of wine.  We had a simple lunch in a restaurant of the region (canton Fribourg).  I will go back again for their fondue (someone had it and it looked delicious).

Produce from Vully


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  1. gorgeous shots! especially love the one with the church spire and rooftops. makes me wonder if you do any work at all, my friend!

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