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When we got to Les Brenets and then the banks of Le Doubs, it was already lunch time.  After we bought tickets for the river cruise, we decided to try the restaurant at this dull-looking hotel next to the pier – Les Rives du Doubs.  It was a surprisingly pleasant restaurant which had a modern glass-covered dining room that overlooks the river. From there, one can see the French village on the other side of the river and all the river cruise boats going back and forth.

One thing I noticed in Switzerland is that if there is a scenic spot, there is usually a somewhat decent restaurant no matter how remote is the location.  There are no mid-priced restaurants – it is either a cold sandwich or a full blown meal with wine and dessert.  We encountered these establishments frequently.  Now, I appreciate the usefulness of a Michelin touring guide which exhaustively describes all these restaurants in tiny villages.  It is fun to explore the countryside and discover the local cuisine.

Unexpectedly, a young Chinese waitress came up to introduce herself at the restaurant, and we talked for a bit in Mandarin and English.  She turns out to be a hotel management trainee who is learning French and interning at this restaurant during the summer.

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  1. Am quite hungry looking at these. Especially love the play of colors of the salad on your last shot.

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