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Before I forgot about this place we visited in Easter, I’d better post it.

Campione d’Italia is a small village that is a part of Italy but is surrounded on all sides by Switzerland except the lake front.  Someone told us that it is a duty free zone and it might explain the massive casino built in the middle of town.  It is designed by Mario Botta who did many other big projects in the Ticino area.  It is so much bigger and modern than the other village buildings.  He did the same with an office building in Paradiso.  There was not much happening in this town except gambling.  While we were waiting for our boat, we wandered into a bar.  Practically the entire village was there to watch one of the quarter-final European champion football match.  Inter Milano beat Bologna, and everybody was happy since Milano is less than 100 km away.  We were cold and ordered hot chocolate instead of beer.


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