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As was seen in our previous post, Yvoire is full of old medieval homes with their downstairs turned into cute and old-fashioned shops, cafes, and restaurants.  Instead of laced tea-cosies and quilted cushions, we decided to stop at probably the only modern cafe in town – Le Jardin de Lily Jeanne.  It has mostly outdoor seating and faces a garden.  But the most attractive feature is a “bar” in front where people can sit around it on bar-stool height chairs.  In the midde of the “bar” top is a mini herb garden with several fishbowls and white pebbles.   “Ciboulette”, written on the little blackboard (picture above) means chives.  I guess the chef can come out to the “bar” and get his fresh ingredients for the menu.

The cafe uses green and orange chairs paired with tabletops made of gray slate and orange and green tiles.  The color theme is orange, green, white and gray.  Even the goldfish on the “bar” is color-matched !   Some of the utensils are organized around a garden theme – little watering cans and buckets for teabags and sugars.  I am curious about how the place would look at night with all lit candles.

Captain Chris selling artisanal, decor and cadeaux !


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