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After my last post on interesting beverages, I thought that it might be fun to blog about what might be required afterwards.

The last time I was at Le Flon (a Covent Garden-like or Union Square-like place) in Lausanne, I did not see that transparent toilet.  Knowing me, if I went in I would have made a similar video (minus the French voiceover).  I have seen that kind of glass first used in Prada’s changing room in Soho 5+ years ago.  The technology has apparently gone down-market.

So far, all the public toilets I have come across in Switzerland requires an entrance fee of CHF1 – 2.   I used the one at Lausanne’s main train station run by the company “McClean”.  Its hardware includes a bit of art at the bottom of it.  It was amusing for the first time when you spotted it.  I guess it makes you feel better about paying the entrance fee – added cultural value.  I wonder what design/art the ladies room contains given it would not have the same type of hardware.  After I took these pictures, the attendant asked me to stop photographing, probably thinking that I was a pervert.  I am not !

Apologies to those who found the pictures of toilets distasteful, but I believe they are part of the adventure, and should thus be included.


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