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The Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC (L St and 22nd NW) put this Bath Menu in its guest bathrooms (they do not have a spa in that location).  While having a butler draw a bath of nice warm water in your room sounds like a traditional luxury, the $50 charge is ludicrous.  But the concept and execution of the menu is certainly creative – combining DC themes with soapy bathwater.  Click on the image below to enlarge it.

In case the print is still too small to read, the menu offers The Inaugural Bath (blue bath salts), The Capitol Bath (lavender and a after-dinner drink), The Cherry Blossom Bath (rose petals, aromatic calming bath salt, champagne, strawberries), and The Politically Correct Children’s Bath (bubble bath with tub toys, Finding Nemo bath book and crayon).  The guest have to make a reservation two hours in advance. I wonder if the other Ritz-Carltons in the area (Georgetown, Tysons Corner or Pentagon City) have the same sales pitch.

I stayed at the hotel for an entire work week and have to say that the staff provided a very high and detailed level of service.  The painting below was in an elevator lobby – they leave the apples artfully scattered beneath it for the guests, and as soon as a guest takes one, it is replaced immediately.

While I was there, the hotel held, adjacent to our meeting room, an event for the best young chef of the year which was organized by the Food and Leisure magazine; and a full day training course for new National Football League agents.  Interesting crowds.


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  1. Bath menu…[shakes head]

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