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A few months ago, I blogged about a graphic element (a “cursor”) that is deployed by Swiss in all their cabin print materials, check out my earlier post Minimalist Graphics.

Our flight back from Antalya, Turkey to Zurich was by Swiss.  I could not resist snapping a picture of their waste bag in the pocket in front of me.  Notable here is their effort to broadcast the purpose of the bag in five languages.  The last word “rument” is in Romansh (the fourth official swiss language which is related to Latin and used only in the southeast corner near Austria and Italy).  I guess the words are intended to serve also as a design element.  After all, it is probably not a good idea to depict on the bag a person throwing up (in a cartoon-like style typical of the flight safety and evacuation information card).

I must have been bored.

If you know the equivalent word in another language, let me know by leaving it in the comment section.  If I gather enough of them, I will make a post about them.

I am still bored.


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