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Beside its “opulent minimalism“, another interesting thing about the Berlin Grand Hyatt is the way it provides dimmed lighting to the halls and corridors on the guest floors.  Instead of wall sconces, the light fixtures are made of a thin vertical strip of glass printed with a black and white photographic image. Each is lit from behind with a low wattage bulb resulting in a warm, slightly yellow glow.  On my floor, every image is unique and they all exude a sense of mystery with a tinge of melancholy.  The cropping of the photographs are imaginatively done.  There is something to look at on the walls of the dark corridors.  One can even use it to identify one’s room instead of a boring room number.

Inside the Reichstag

“Good morning”

No parking.


Chirp chirp

“No can do”

What are you looking at ?


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  1. I’ve just started my own blog about life in Switzerland ( and ‘tag surfed’ over to your blog – I love these images and your totally original presentation. Inspired! Looking forward to more.

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