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On the last evening of the meeting, the company organized a gala dinner at the Museum of Communications (Museum für Kommunikation Berlin at Leipziger Straße 16).  The museum is beautiful but the content is really suitable for family with children.

We had the whole museum to ourselves.  We roamed leisurely champagne in hand, explored and played with some of the interactive exhibits.

It has a four-storey high atrium and a tron-like ceiling, surrounded by columns, pedestals, and angels.

Above one of the areas where drinks are served is a suspended and deconstructed horse-drawn carriage.

Damien Hurst’s dissected horse would fit in well here.

Under the arches are selected iconic words in German or English in neon.  Macht, ziel, on, off, fake, news, code, …

Touch, Talk.

Food was good especially because it was catered.  But every dish has a bit of foam in it – I guess that is the trend.  For entertainment, a band was booked to play 1920’s music and there were performances by cabaret singers and dancers.  It was fun but I think cabaret is best viewed in a dark, smoke-filled, and more intimate venue.

After dinner, we were bus-ed to Felix, near the Brandenburg gate – apparently one of the top nightclub in town – we had our own VIP area with free drinks – overall great space with balconies, but it was really crowded.

What a way to close the meeting !


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