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When I started writing this post, I found many fragrance commercials on Youtube – enough to put in a second post.  In case you are wondering why I am writing about this topic, the following is an excerpt from one of my earlier posts:

I am always curious about the promotion of fragrances  – how does one convey the sensation of one sense (smell) by other senses (sight and sound, and touch if the container is included) ?  The task is even more difficult when each perfume contains a blend of many fragrances and every person will likey have a subjective impression of each of them.  And there are so many competing brands (including the designer’s own effort from last year) already in the market.

Here are some more eye candies. A couple of the videos have to be watched on Youtube. First up are commercials by celebrities for their own brand – Britney Spears and Beyoncé.

Radiance by Britney Spears

Britney voluntarily walks into a fortune teller, looks into a crystal ball and then walks out with the line “Choose your own destiny” – why would she go into the shop in the first place ?  You would have expected her to sing in her own TV commercial but nope. The commercial started with her leaving the stage, perhaps that is a sign.

Beyoncé’s Heat is simple and effective with her doing a cover of Fever.

Mélanie Thierry (Babylon AD and other French movies) for Belle D ‘Opium – Yves Saint Laurent

Jude Law for Dior Homme Sport

Keira Knightly for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Charlize Theron for J’Adore

Ryan Reynolds for Hugo Boss Bottled Day

Alright, neither Sue nor I recognize this woman rolling around for Prada – Infusion D’Iris.  But it is short and catchy.


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