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Tangerine Dream is one of the bands that shaped my taste in electronic music.  Apparently, the key musicians still perform together but have changed their style over the years.

Their first few albums in the early 70’s are somewhat unlistenable as they are  mostly long pieces of electronic noises which sounded futuristic at the time. Nevertheless, there are some original interesting  stuff.

Force Majeure (1979) represents their best work in the period between mid 70’s to mid 80’s in my opinion.  The electronic sound is pure, depicts an empty landscape, and can be haunting and menacing at times. They have also consistently and successfully incorporated electric guitar as foreground in many of their pieces while electronic sounds fill the background.

By the 90’s, they have stuck to a distinctive sound and the releases tend to fall into the movie soundtrack or new age category.

If I can find more of their music on Youtube, I will post them here.

There are only three pieces on the Force Majeure vinyl, the title track occupying one side and “Cloudburst Flight” and “Thru Metamorphic Rock” on the other side.

I am very happy to find this clip of music on Youtube as I have not heard it for years.  I bought the vinyl LP when it first came out but do not have a turntable  anymore. The magic begins at around 1:30 after the bell, continues with a melodic change at 3:45.  The passage beyond 5:30 is a bit chessey, it is safe to ignore.  The video has nothing to do with them.


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