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I just spent a 2-week vacation in Hong Kong (four days were actually spent in neighboring Macau). It has been a long while since I had 2 weeks off.  More remarkable is the fact that I spent Chinese New Year there – I cannot remember when was my last CNY in HK. The highlights of this trip are mostly food-related as we have been so deprived of Asian cuisine in Switzerland. So, expect more food porn in the near future.

To kick off, I will share some views of Hong Kong central taken from my friends –  V & B’s balcony.  Their building is halfway up one side of Victoria peak on Hong Kong island and they are on the 26th floor (if I remember correctly).  It must be a great place to watch fireworks over the harbor. All these photos were taken by my tiny Canon S90 without a tripod, not bad.

In the photo above, from left to right, the third tallest building in HK – Central Plaza (78 floors; ranks 11th tallest in the world – green-blue kights),  the second tallest – Two International Finance Center (IFC2, 88 floors; 7th tallest worldwide), and fourth tallest – Bank of China (72 floors, IM Pei) are clearly in view. Only the tip of the tallest building in HK is visible in a distance between Central Plaza and IFC2, the International Commerce center (ICC) is located on the Kowloon side – with 108 floors and ranks 4th tallest in the world.

In this photo below, you can just see Ocean Terminal, the old Star Ferry site and the Cultural Center on the Kowloon side. On the island side, the Standard Chartered Bank building, HSBC headquarters (Norman Foster) and Cheung Kong Center (62 floors, Cesar Pelli) are prominent.

Looking straight down at the streets at Mid-levels.

Xmas lights are still on !

Central Plaza changes its color continuously.



  1. Trying to decide if I should let my 17 year old take a guided tour to China and Hong Kong stumbled across your blog. Would love your thoughts…

    • absolutely, an eye-opener for a youngster

  2. was wondering where you were during the Chinese New Year. Now have the answer with photos!

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