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Nahm is the first restaurant we went to on this trip to Hong Kong.   My sis took us there, it was convenient and the line was not too long.  Indeed, our trip started on a high note, this restaurant is highly recommendable.

I regretted not taking my camera with me since the food was not only tasty but beautifully presented.  We started with a drink from a freshly opened coconut, and had sauteed lamb rack with basil, green peppercorn; deep-fried soft shell crab roll with spinach, mango, avocado in orange caramel sauce.  This picture of their grilled squid salad in toasted seasame, garlic dressing below was found online – we had the same dish and it was delicious.  Unlike regular calamari rings (that are formed by chopping across the body), these were formed by slitting open the body longitudinally and pushed down to open up the rings.

I just discovered that this vietnamese/thai restaurant, belonged to a group that is associated with New York’s Laurent Tourondel restaurants.  In fact, the same NY restaurants – BLT steak, Blue Smoke,  Craftsteak – have their counterparts in HK.  Interesting business strategy – when you have a successful formula (marketing concept and tried-and-tested menu) in one world city, clone the whole package in another world city.  Pictures of the restaurant below were found online.

Check out their web site – Nahm – a short clip of a soundtrack will be play when you visit the site – it turned out to be one of my favorite tracks – Surround me with your love (mental overdrive mix) – I got mine  from Hotel Costes 6.  Someone put the track up on youtube with images of Hotel Costes CD :


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