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Zi Yat Heen 紫逸軒 is a Michelin 2-star Chinese restaurant located within our hotel.  It was impossible to book a table so we ended up crashing in for dim sum at almost 2pm.  The ambience was top-notch and so was the food.  Their menu listed at least 12 different shark’s fin soups – different grades and preparations – not for dim sum.

The stir-fried vegetable was done superbly as was the shark’s fin soup dumplings.

Their shanghai soup buns were ok but I really liked the way these little buns are individually served.

They have their interpretation of a couple of dishes – the beef cube appetizer (taste so so, although the texture of the jelly fish and the beef cube matched).

The sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves was done just right – not too dry or salty.

We ordered Osmanthus Jelly 桂花糕 for dessert and they gave us two additional types.

We did not order wine but there appears to be plenty of choices.

Not having the time to try their main menu, we could not fully enjoy or explore whatever they can do that earned them the 2 stars.  But the whole experience is solidly top grade.


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