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We had dinner at MGM’s Rossio, some of the tables spilled into the atrium of the hotel.  The atrium was fantastically decorated, almost to the point of being garish.  But it was an immense space, as a result, the large number of fake trees with lights were not claustrophobic but it was a bit overdone.  In case you are wondering, we did not stay here.

Among all the razzmatazz, off to one side of the atrium is this pinkish romantic-looking bar.

More fake flowers, kiddie bridge and green rabbits – I imagine some 3-year old will love it.

In Vegas, one of MGM Grand’s attraction is a lion habitiat. That may explain the number of lions used in Chinese lion dance placed around the hotel, including ones that move automatically as you walk past them.

What was also interesting was the facade of the fake palace inside the atrium – images were projected onto it to create a even more dazzling sight. More lions on the balcony.

Below is a video of a lion attack that happened last year in the MGM Grand in Vegas:

By the way, that is what the atrium looks like normally (photo borrowed from MGM’s web site).


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