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On this trip, two restaurants are worth a special mention – they are both inexpensive, reliable, open at all hours, and make an effort to produce a best-in-class dish.  They are well-known locally and I am now a fan too.  The first is 黃枝記粥麵店 Wong Chi Kee Congee & Noodle shop (WCK), the other is 翠華餐廳 (Tsui Wah)  which I will cover in a later post.

Cantonese egg noodle with dried shrimp eggs, soup on the side (lo mein)

WCK is famous mostly for its noodles – they have a long essay on its heritage of making Cantonese style noodle (since 1946) printed on their paper placemat.  On this visit to HK, I noticed every brand tries to tell a proud story about its historical past and heritage to some old-fashioned values and time-tested know-how in making the product … now wonton noodle too.

We ate at WCK’s shop in Macau which is located in Senado square.  WCK has branches in HK.

Pork in stir-fried soft noodles (yee mein), notice a bit of yellow leek, chinese black mushroom and red pepper in the noodle

Wonton soup – no MSG, and less clear than those I had in the past (probably full of MSG)

Seafood congee

A second plate of  lo mein with marinated beef brisket and tendons.  Great with chili sauce.

This is basic Hong Kong style lunch food at its best – both quality and price.


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