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Tsui Wah 翠華 is the second restaurant that is worth a mention for its quality, price, and inventiveness.  It is one of the best in a class of restaurants that is similar in spirit to a US diner.  These restaurants serve all kinds of food, local HK style, Chinese regional, “Western”, Northeast (Japan and Korea) and Southeast (Vietnam, Thai, Malaysian) Asian dishes are listed side-by-side on the menu.  Tsui Wah is in fact a popular local chain that is trying to appeal to tourists, and apparently many Japanese visitors come to the restaurant.

On this visit, we ate most of the evidence quickly, so I only have two pictures of what we ordered.  IT ordered wontons, fish-tofu balls and noodles in a fish soup.  Sue had a pasta dish that looked and tasted ok.  I had their Hainanese chicken rice set meal – unlike all the others I had tried, they de-bone the chicken – this is unique.  Unfortunately, my portion was a bit overcooked so the chicken while boneless was a bit rubbery.

We went to the branch near Temple street on the Kowloon side.  It is located one block from the night market and this brightly neon-lit spot got busier as it got later.  Each of our meals including drinks (no alcohol) costed less then USD10 – great value and lively ambience.

On the HK side, a branch of it is located near Lan Kwai Fong (Tsui Wah’s rainbow-colored sign is on the left) and next to Wong Chi Kee (see earlier post about WCK, sign with green color background).  It is across the street from the venerable Yung Kee (Michelin 1-star, not visible in this picture).  My mom who used to work in Central took me to Yung Kee for lunch on many Saturdays when she worked half days.


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