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We seldom visit a LV as they sell more or less the same lines of goods, but are curious to know what this luxury brand is doing to keep justifying charging those premium prices. So we wandered into this flagship “maison” which was holding an exhibition of LV’s history and craftsmanship.  I took this picture above from a spectacularly-decorated bar – Vida Rica – in the Mandarin Oriental next door where we watched the Chinese New Year’s eve fireworks – see later post.  This is the entrance of Vida Rica.

The LV exhibition was quite interesting as it shows how rich people in olden days used to bring their entire household in LV trunks to far flung places.  This video showcases a book that included some of what we saw there.

We did not buy a thing there but somehow their “clienteling manager” chose us for a tour of their VIP salon and patio. We were led out of the showroom through an innocuous looking door into a salon – a luxuriously decorated living room with a patio overlooking the street below and the Nam Wan lake.  Pampering your client and making them feel special is one way to make them want to pay that extra $$$s.

I found this incredibly detailed tour of the maison online, and this is an excerpt about the salon.

The jewel of this gallery level is the VIP Suite and Patio designed by Yabu Pushelberg. Measuring 140 square-meters, the VIP Suite commands unobstructed lake and Macau Tower views in a modern, elegant, and luxury setting. An art wall with the Suite hosts a mother-of-pearl inserts, library, sliding screens of glass reeds and linear gilt work to conceal displays and fitting room. Hand-tufted wool and silk carpets, platinum-finish linens and fine dark leather are deployed for an intimate, residential atmosphere. An exclusive elevator transport top clientele from the Ground Floor to the Suite boasting its own washroom and pantry.

The two pictures of the shop below were borrowed from their web site.  The salon is at the corner.

The patio is located to the left next to the signage on the third floor.


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