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We had drinks at Vida Rica while watching the Chinese New Year fireworks.  This bar is right next to the Louis Vuitton Maison VIP salon we visited earlier during the day (see earlier post here.) One side of the bar has triple height floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing the waterfront – essentially front row seats we had.  The fireworks were not as spectacular as others I have seen in New York … but unlike those shows which went on for 15 – 20 minutes, this one lasted for more than 2 hours; it slowed down after a while and started up again … on and on – which created a lively backdrop for our entire time there.

The fireworks exploded right next to bridge.  It must be spectacular up there, but a bit distracting and dangerous for the drivers.

 The interior of Vida Rica is very elaborate, rich in styles – but it is very difficult to describe as it does not fit into any particular period, geo-ethnic theme, or ~isms.  First, it has these high-tech, jewel-studded lighting systems that could have been used as props for a baroque space opera – not techie like Star Wars but more like Dune (if you remember it).

Then, the walls are installed with these back-lit glass/ceramic flower-like glossy/matt objects, which are suspended over richly-patterned relief tiles – there is definitely an indo-asiatic feel here.

Near the entrance is this mannequin+dress sculpture made with broken blue-white ceramic bowls and plates.

The barman was very helpful in suggesting cocktails.  They had a new year special drinks menu – I cannot remembered what I ordered, sounded good on the menu, but did not taste that good.  Should have sticked to the classics.

Metallic-mirrored bamboo room divider.

This is the restaurant next door – again the ceiling lights are really interesting looking – a intimate, almost traditional Japanese ambience made with modern materials.

I think Mandarin-Oriental has created a unique house style here – definitely want to explore this place on my next trip.


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