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After Macau, we had another chance to enjoy Portuguese food.  My sister’s friend – MW- invited us to dine at this restaurant on the 8th floor of the Hotel LKF, which is in the epicenter of Lan Kwai Fong area.  As several lots on D’Aguilar Street is under construction, new bars and restaurants have opened on Wyndham street above and the hotel provides a direct passage between the two levels.  It was a Friday night and the bar/club scene was in full swing; people were hanging out on the streets effectively merging the bars and restaurants into one big party.

The food was great and it was not meant to be a fusion with local flavors.  I would say it was better than Litoral in Macau (see earlier post).  We had clams in garlic, white wine sauce. Garlicy, finger-licking good.  Grilled prawns …

The obligatory Bachlau dish –  I don’t remember what it was called and did not care much about it.  Nevertheless, it was done well as I can imagine it being oily and heavy, which it was not.

The roasted suckling pig is one of the best I have ever had.  Its skin is crunchy and the meat melted in the mouth. And you do not have to order it ahead of time unlike Litoral.  It was unavoidably a case of cholesterol overload.

The young chef, Martinho is from Portugal and had won various prizes in Europe before starting out in Hong Kong a few months ago.  He was very friendly and came over several times.



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