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We were in Milano for 4 nights and due to lack of planning, managed to miss Milan’s annual international furniture show (Salone Internazionale del Mobile) by one week. While we were there, I saw ads on the street and local press for special events in museums, galleries and shops which were held at the same time – I so definitely am coming for it next year.

While Milan fashion can be seen easily outside of Italy, it is not so for furniture from the design capital of the world.

Driade‘s flagship store is located on via Manzoni 30 in a converted palazzo.  It is artfully stuffed with an ecclectic collection by top international designers.

There are multiple rooms, both indoor and outdoor spaces, all impeccably put together in a way which makes it look natural, unlike a typical showroom.

The staff was very friendly as I was curious about the cost of shipping over the border and avoiding Italian sales tax- there can be savings and it is not difficult to organize.

Their 2011 catalog – “L’arte di Abitare” which can be downloaded or viewed online here is really a great resource as it presents the pieces in various home settings – not just a photo shot against a solid background.  Particularly true for the last quarter of the catalog.  Not until reading this catalog do I realize Philipe Starck is so proliferative.

I look forward to our visit to Barcelona next month where I will check out Vinçon – the other furniture store where I would not mine living in.


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  1. When you go to Barcelona and Vincon, you might enjoy some of my “hipster travel tips” – I think you two are just the target I had in mind when I wrote this post!
    Let me know if you’re ever in Florence, i’ll point you to some cool stuff.

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