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Obikà is a chain of restaurant that specializes in mozzarella cheese.  Here is a link to their website.
This one is located on the 7th floor of La Rinascente opposite the Duomo, with an eye level view of its roof.  This is the only building tall enough to offer this view.

We discovered this restaurant after having finished our lunch at the cafe in the next section – we were too focused on getting a view and ignored the menu.  Too bad  – as I would love to try the mozzarella.  The tank with the tan color mozzarella balls is labeled “Affumicata” which means “smoked”.  Hmmm.

There are seats at the bar where one can see the dishes being prepared – think sushi bar.  The ambiance feels like and the name sounds like a Japanese restaurant, but apparently the word Obikà comes from “obiccà”, the word in the Neapolitan dialect meaning, “Here it is.”

Mozzarella balls, various kinds of dried meat (proscuito, parma ham, …), tomatoes, basil leaves, oil and vinegar form the basic dish – I can see adding or mixing the basic dish with pesto, other kinds of hard cheese, arugula, roasted vegetables …

I did not see them in NYC but apparently they have a restaurant in the IBM atrium on the corner of 57th and Madison.


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