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This is a continuation of the last post about the Grand Canal of Milan. We got to the canal around dinner time and the tables were quickly taken up by tourists and locals.  On one side, the restaurants have tables on the outside, the other side is a street (Ripa di Porta Ticinese) which allows vehicular traffic.  Most of the bars are on that side (no outdoor seating) and they all seem to serve a very decent spread for the aperitivo.

The bar across the canal with the yellow bug parked in front says “art & friends” – sounds good to me.

Rather randomly, we chose Trattoria L’altro Luca e Andrea, and found a table at the edge of the premise.  The prices were good, the dishes were simple. For starters, Sue had minestrone and I had a melanzana in tomato sauce.  We had pasta as main course (as it was getting dark, no pictures were taken).

By the end of the dinner, we strolled up and down, and the lines outside the geletaria or gelacreperia (they serve ice cream and crepes) are getting long.

We cannot even get inside Gelateria Rinomata. Look at the cones neatly packed behind glass, isn’t this place serious about ice cream !  We went to another geletaria and caught the tram back to the hotel.

While Milan enjoys the title of Design Capital of the World, the interior color of the city’s trams is unbelievably horrible – the ugliest sickly plastic green I have seen and it is covering so much surface area !


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  1. I just want to add that there were bugs all over. Yuck.

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