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Our first meal in Barcelona was at Piscolabis which claims to make the tapas dish you ordered fresh from scratch. It has a very tourist friendly menu in multiple languages and numbered pictures – almost as good as the Japanese plastic display sample dishes.  Click the photo to get a full screen view and zoom in to check out the types of tapas on offer.  We somehow missed the #27 Cannelloni foie gras, #24 Hello Kitty pancakes with boiled ham and cheese, and #39 Tuna tempura chunks.

This is their standard way of serving bread during a tapas meal.  The orange stuff is a thin layer of natural tomato paste. The bread is very holely and crispy around the edges.

#61 Black rice with allioli sauce.  Very tasty.  Our favorite.  The pan is quite small, in case you are wandering.

#26 “Super Bravas” potatoes – Sue and IT’s favorites, they had it several more times during the trip but never better than the dish below.  Note that this is “Super Brava” which is different from #25 “Brava” potatoes.

#50 Fried eggs with Iberia acorn ham – the best part for me is the not-too-scrambled still runny eggs which is a nice contrast to the salty ham.

#31 Grilled asparagus with melted brie and truffle oil – sounds and looked fantastic ?  Well, it did not taste bad but just not as enticing as the title suggests.

Iberia ham, …  here are some ready-made tapas –  “Montaditos”.  I have a lot of problems with color balance on these pictures.  Hope they do not look too purple on your monitor.


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  1. loving the posts on Barcelona, especially since I am thinking about spending a month or two next year so i could watch soccer!

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