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Casa Mila is one of the two most recognizable landmark in Barcelona, the other being the Temple of La Sagrada Familia, both by Antonio Gaudi.  Some might even argue that there are three, the new addition being the Torre Agbar by Jean Nouvel.

When there are so many books and other media coverage about about Gaudi’s architecture, especially Casa Milà, there is really not much left for me to say here.  If you use Wikipedia, I recommend the Catalan version which contains much more information than the English version, for example, I borrowed this 1912 plan by Gaudi of the building. Google translate worked well to help read the entries.

While we were there, an exhibition relating to food is going on inside the building.  There were volumes of books about food and Ferran Adrià in the shop.  Didn’t have time to see it.

Casa Milà has a well-known nickname – La Pedrera “The Quarry”.  Apparently, it was a term used to mock the building form when it was first constructed around 1910.

I would like to think the design of Darth Vader’s helmet is based on these chimney forms, which in turn are based on Corinthian masks. Apparently, one of the building’s innovation at the time (circa 1910) is an underground garage.  If the rooftop has stormtrooper faces, I wonder what it looks like below the building. Could there be a undiscovered Gaudi destination ?

There is another view of this spot where the Temple of La Sagrada Familia is framed within the arch. The number of people queueing to pose in front or wanting to pass through meant at least a 10-15 minute wait. No thanks.

The entrance is guarded by two giant statues – this being one of them
The back of the building viewed from the backyard of Vincon.

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