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Japanese-Peruvian restaurant in Barcelona ?  Yes, Komomoto. We stumbled upon it while wandering around El Born.  The restaurant shares the same facade with a hotel which we entered by mistake and was greeted with a wall of Fornasetti plates.

There is a door which opens into the restaurant.   One of the walls is covered by notes, photos, etc. for travellers and staff  … it really looks like a canteen of the hotel.

The dining room is minimally decorated.  The guests share benches and long metal tables.  The wood and rust on the tables lent some warmth to the room.

Nobu popularized the idea of mixing Japanese and South Amercian foods.  Cerviche is one of my favorite foods.  I bought the cookbook  – “Nobu Miami” and even tried a few receipes.  The food here is definitely interesting.  We are no judge of authenticity but it tasted good to me.

The paper mats tell the stories of how the Japanese settled in Peru in the 1800’s with blurry black and white pictures – the research is too thorough – it smelled too much like a themed-restaurant.

This is meant to be a type of tempura but it was in our collective opinion a disaster.  Thick batter and overpowering brown sauce.

Overall, the food is ok and inexpensive.  I really enjoyed their spicy fish soup.

Sue did not like any of it.  I found a review of the restaurant in Metropolitan Barcelona just now.

Soft-shelled crab rolls.

In fact, the restaurant is opened by Grupo Tragaluz which owns a chain of restaurants with different themes in Madrid and Barcelona.  Towards the end of the dinner, a blond guy came around and offered to show us some magic tricks with coins and rings.  He claimed to be a corporate magician who was hired to entertain guests at various restaurants owned by the group.  We were impressed both by his skills and the company’s unusual marketing gimmick.  He went to the other end of our table and showed the guests there some amazing card tricks involving a cell phone.


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