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There was one store that I knew I must visit in Barcelona and that is Vinçon.  Many years ago I visited it and it made a long lasting impression on me. On this visit, it surely did not disappoint me – it had all the good stuff and many more that which I did not know existed.  For example, a foosball table featuring members of KISS (and other celebs unknown to me) against FC Barcelona !

The store has three floors, the top being a showroom for large furniture pieces, the street level and lower level sold smaller pieces and other designed products. I will cover the top floor later.

They appear to stock the entire range of famous brands:  Pantone, Moleskine, etc.

They also featured our beloved Lafuma zero gravity chair.  Some of you will remember those chairs, we are still using them in Lausanne.

They also stocked Lampe Berger’s full range of home perfume.  When Sue told the saleslady that our lamp is not functional because we lost a piece during the move, she gave us a replacement for free. What service!  But we did not buy any perfume because it is highly flammable and we had limited luggage space.

Vintage toy robots

Vitra miniatures


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