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This is a continuation of an earlier post about Vinçon.  Now, we go upstairs where Vinçon sells furniture, indoor as well as outdoor.   The outdoor pieces were shown in a patio at the back.

The patio is a tourist destination in its own right as it offers an unique view of the back of Casa Mila. As you can see, it is much tamer than the front (see earlier post about Casa Mila here).

Loved the mosaic-tiled floor.

Some showrooms include a bay window or a covered veranda that faces Passeig de Gràcia and lets in natural light.  It felt very cosy and lived-in.

I said I would compare Driade in Milano with Vinçon in Barcelona in my earlier post about Driade. I am completely undecided … Driade has the more dramatic pieces while Vinçon’s are more user-friendly.  Driade is smaller and its layout more confusing. Vinçon has a wider range of mechandise and more spacious showrooms.  There is however some je ne sais quoi with Driade, possibly a boutique feel, while Vinçon is an emporium.  If I can afford it, I will buy from both !

I had wanted to buy this kind of book storage for a while … saw them in Design Within Reach in the US.

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  1. Dai ong, why should you be undecided about Vincon and Driade? Driade is only about one label and naturally the choices are more limited. No doubt Vincon wins!

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