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While we were touring Barcelona on one of those hop-on-hop-off tourist buses, we stopped here for a quick lunch when we were changing bus from one route to another. This restaurant is located just outside the historic Poblenou cemetery and opposite the church that was used as a multi-denomination place of worship for the Olympics athletes.

This neighborhood Poblenou was an industrial area until they re-gentrified parts of it (renamed as Diagonal Mar).  In the few blocks that we explored, we saw factories with workers in overalls having lunch in groups.  We were a bit shy to go into those restaurants as there were no menus, so we came to this restaurant which had menus clearly posted. There is a tourist menu on the left with pictures – greasy fried egg, sausages, fried potatoes …

On the right is the menu of the day from which we ordered.  The set menu offered one dish out of three courses.

  My first course was Gazpacho Anduluz, which was the first one of many I had since we landed.

The food is not fancy but it is solid – which is that you would expect from a non-touristy, working class neighborhood.

Dessert was crema catalunya (Catalan Creme Brulee) and flan (creme caramel).

This is a view down the street from the restaurant.  One of Barcelona’s landmark, Torre Agbar is just up the street.

A closeup of this landmark. Click on the photo below to get even closer.


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