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Vinçon has a graphic design business and naturally they design their own bags for the shop.  Here is a selection of the bag designs over the years – the first started in 1972.

In case you just joined, check out my two earlier posts about Vinçon’s shop in Barcelona, selling small design products here and furniture here.

According to their web site:

“the firm’s graphic designs have been constantly evolving, its packaging being the most characteristic element. Vinçon bags are part of the iconography of the city, and have turned into cult collectable items.”

I like the fun design of 1985 and the illusion of 1988.

Well, with a design like the one in 1992, it must have been quite unforgettable. The 1995 design is created by the artist who made the famous piece  “I shop therefore I am.”

The bag even captured history.  Goodbye peseta 2001 – the euro started circulation in 2002.

Cute, simple and relevant.

The most current design 2011 … “I came, I saw, Vinçon.”  We certainly did that on this trip.

We saw some of the bags framed and hung on the walls in the shop. To see all the designs, go their website here.

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