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Alkimia – one michelin star.  The name of the restaurant comes from the Arabic word “al-kimia” (the art).

We arrived at 8:45pm, 15 minutes after our reservation, having misjudged the distance from Vinçon.  Alkimia is located “midtown” in Barcelona.
So we were a bit out of breathe but the serene atmosphere and warm towels helped put us in the mood for a gastronomic experience.  The homemade bread sticks came as two long sticks resembling twigs in a vase.

We chose the menu Alkimia – their namesake tasting menu.  The lighting in the restaurant was awful for photos. Color balance is a disaster, so please bear with me.  Below is a sample of the dishes.

They started with three appetizers – all good but could not remember what they were at the end of the meal.

  • Spaghetini with seafood
  • Simple … white asparagus

  • Pickled oysters with glazed pork cheek, saute spinach

  • Cuttle fish with ink sauce and ginger
  • Prawn “a la mano” – roasted bayleaf and clove

  • Fish of the day with onion and black olive
  • Special chickpeas with “a la llauna” codfish

  • Morels stuffed with meat ball
  • Beef with spring vegetables and mustard seeds

  • Cream of carrot with orange
  • Baked apple with black chocolate and eucalyptus ice cream

This is not on the menu but every one in the restaurant got a plate.My overall impression, which was reinforced by a visit to another popular restaurant, is that the cuisine in this international city is at currently all about Asian flavors.  I enjoyed the taste but to me, it lacked novelty.  Nevertheless, Alkimia is definitely worth a visit.


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