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Great performances. Small venue (Theatre d’Octagonal in Pully). No warmup band. The music started 5 minutes after the stated time – they are in Switzerland afterall.

Played from Lunatico: “Diferente” – the backdrop came from Diferente music video (see youtube video below).

This is the official video for Diferente on Youtube. Gotta love Argentine tango.

Also from Lunatico: “Mi Confesion” (they did not bring the rappers with them, see it here -> Mi Confesion on Youtube. A fine mix of electronica+tango+rap !)

From their latest album – Tango 3.0: “Rayuela”, “Tango Square”, “La Gloria”. They merged “Panamericana” (from their new album) with “Triptico” (one of their most popular).

Tango Square

I was hoping they would have some tango dancers.  Nope.

Their rendition of the Last Tango in Paris has been a crowd pleaser.  But they did not play it.  Watch it here.

They moved the lettering on stage: TANGO becomes GOTAN.

They did two encores, first with Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre) from La Revancha del Tango then Peligro.  The show was two hours long. I had a great time.


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  1. Personally I have never heard about this event before so it was really interesting to read it and to know something attractive and new.

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